How do I know if my loved one requires assisted living level of care or nursing home level of care?

There are many issues that are taken into consideration when the determination is made as to whether a potential resident requires assisted living level of care or nursing home level of care. KEPRO Healthcare Management is an agency contracted by the state of Maine that makes that assessment. Nonetheless a good rule of thumb is the resident’s ability to accomplish activities of daily living. To qualify to live in an assisted living facility a resident would need to be able to transfer independently in and out of bed and on and off a chair or toilet. The resident would also need to be able to feed themselves. In an assisted living facility they can be helped with hygiene, grooming, bathing, and medication administration. Nursing homes provide total care to their residents.

How do I contact KEPRO Healthcare Management?

KEPRO Healthcare Management can be reached at 1-833-525-5784. KEPRO  will usually send a registered nurse to the location of the potential resident within 5 days. You will need the name, date of birth, and social security number of the applicant when you make a referral.

What are the payment options for RMI facilities?

All three of our facilities accept private pay residents, long term care insurances, and Mainecare. The Horizons Living and Rehab Center also accepts Medicare reimbursement when a resident qualifies.

Whom do I contact for more information, a tour, or to refer a potential resident?

Please contact our Admissions Director, Louise Nadeau. She can be reached at her office (207) 837-6644, on her cell (207) 522-1438, or via email

What kinds of services are provided in the Assisted Living Facilities?

Assisted living facilities, also referred to as Residential Care Facilities, are not licensed medical facilities but provide basic medical attention to all the residents. In these facilities we administer medications and treatments per each resident’s physician’s orders. We can check blood sugars and administer insulin accordingly. We can provide transport to local doctors’ appointments at no charge. We provide activities daily to keep our residents involved and content. We prepare all meals in accordance to each resident’s dietary restrictions. We provide full housekeeping and laundry services 7 days a week.

Are there any restrictions or limitations as to the kind of resident that can be admitted?

Residents must meet assisted living criteria. Our facilities are not secured and residents are encouraged to enjoy designated areas outside of the facilities therefore we cannot accept any residents that have the potential to wander away due to dementia. Our admissions staff carefully screens each potential resident to assure that their needs can be met by the facility and that they will be able to co-exist with other residents.